America is Beautiful: Ride the Energy Wave

vivienne_lux_america_is_beautiful_blogAmerica is Beautiful!

It’s a glorious weekend! America voted for love, competence and inclusion. We can start putting our lives back together. There is hope for progress now, something that shouldn’t even be questioned in America. We have a woman in the White House! I feel this all so deeply. I feel a connection to my community like I have never felt before. I feel safe, something that’s been lacking and needed in my life. A giant weight has been lifted and I feel 4 years younger!

Yesterday, we were glued to our screens in celebration. I couldn’t look away. If I wasn’t in front of the news on the TV, I was staring at my phone. I felt like I didn’t want a second to go by for 2 reasons; I wanted to make sure it was all real, I didn’t want to miss a moment of history being created before my eyes, with the help of my vote! How empowering is that?!

The Day of Rest and Restart

Today is Sunday, the day of rest. It’s a day to restart and plant the seeds of what you want to build with your life. It’s a time to clean, organize and reset your personal energy, as well as your home’s.

I had the urge to begin last night, and started going through piles of papers that have been stacking up over the past few weeks. Paper builds quick and I constantly feel like I’m under a mound of stuff. No matter how many times I go through and purge, there’s always more. I started in my studio space, which is a working space that is always in constant evolution. I will never expect this space to be “clean,” I just can’t work and create in a sterile environment, but the paper had gotten a bit much, and that’s when the energy becomes stifled and creativity ceases. I think “art clutter” is the worst. We end up with so many supplies it quickly gets out of hand. It’s not necessarily dirty, like used dishes, it’s just so much stuff! I know it’s a real issue when I don’t want to go into the room anymore and I start setting up other areas of the house to design and draw. That’s the sure-fire sign that it’s time to figure out what’s blocking the energy in the studio and get it taken care of. So, that was my late night Saturday, and I’m sitting in the room now, writing this to you, so the energy is flowing again. 

Untangle Yourself

I’m a very slow cleaner. Everything has to have a place and purpose. Everything is considered. I do not think linearly. I’m pretty sure I have ADD, which doesn’t help at all, but I think it’s advantageous to creativity… I’ve also got a problem with perfectionism, so I either want it immaculately organized, or it remains a mess. There’s no middle-ground in my head. I’m working on that. Do you ever feel like the more you learn about yourself the more of a mess it is to untangle? Take it slow—something I’m learning to do for myself. Be gentle, especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing. The world will not end if your closet is a mess or dishes pile up. Sometimes the weight of chores starts to swallow you, step back and get some perspective. Get others to help out (lazy teenagers—I know, I have one), baby steps, they will add up faster than you think!

Money Motivation

I’ll leave you with this. Money is simply energy, just like everything else in our lives. So, wouldn’t it make sense that when your energies are aligned and flowing, money will flow too? Keep this in mind to help motivate you to keep chipping away at your clutter. If your closet is jam-packed, how can you fit in a new outfit? Same theory applies to energy and money. If your space is filled with clutter, how can anything else flow to you?

Our lives have gathered clutter, dust bunnies, garbage and grime these past 4 years. It’s time to spring clean and become who we truly are and want to be!

Proud to be an American! #madamvicepresident


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