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I'm tired of being tired.

I'm tired of being lazy. I'm tired of being fat. I'm tired of my skin constantly breaking out. I'm tired of procrastinating on the projects I should be excited to work on. I'm tired of the jealously I feel when I see others creating and living life, as I sit around as a lazy, judgmental bum.  I'm so over myself. The thing is, I know what needs to be done to remedy all of these issues, I've done it before and have had life go pretty smoothly. The problem is when you fall off. It's not one thing that's impacted, it's all of them. It takes time and ultimately dedication to stay "on the wagon" for yourself, and we tend to put our needs last. Let's make a pact to stop that today.

2020 in Hindsight.

This year has kicked so many of our asses. I didn't feel impacted until recently (hindsight is 20/20--how's that for a 2020ism.) At the beginning of the quarantine-mess, I made sure to get outside and ride my bike or walk for several miles. I was working from home, having groceries delivered, and quickly learned how to create a grocery list to last a week (new to me, I used to grocery shop almost daily) and left off the junk food that I always impulse bought. I did yoga everyday, organized the entire house, and definitely used the time well. Then I went back to the office and it all went to shit. The extreme stress of some of the things that went on in the workplace, combined with the pandemic, was a recipe for disaster. So, now we're here. I haven't drawn in months. I have slowly introduced terrible foods into my diet that I would have never chosen before. I choose yoga moves that are easy just so I can say I'm doing it. I help others with their energy work, yet I'm not doing it for myself. I use the excuse of COVID for not connecting with friends. There it is. Maybe by laying this out for you, I'll start to hold myself accountable again, and maybe we can journey together.

You just have to start.

That's where this begins with today. This post isn't well thought out, but it's a start. Unfortunately, I've let perfectionism prevent me from doing so many things in my life, but I'm going to put a stop to it today and "just do it." These are the areas of neglect in my life that I'm going to be challenging myself to work on for the next 21 days. Supposedly, if you work on something for 21 days, it becomes a habit.
  1. Diet
  2. Energy (the "voo doo" kind, not the Red Bull kind)
  3. Fitness
  4. Creating
  5. Connecting
I've "started" so many times in my life. Sometimes habits become natural and ongoing, most of the time I'll do it for awhile then fizzle out, sometimes it's very short-lived. I've wanted to write a lifestyle blog for a least a decade. I'll start, write a few entries, become so obsessed over every single word and image that making it perfect ruins the flow and organic quality of conversation. I give up because I want it too perfect. That ends today. I'm just going to write about what's on my mind, what goes on in my life to create my lifestyle, and I hope to have open, honest communication to learn from you. We're really all in this together, we just need to find our tribe who grooves the same way we do.

I like people.

The one thing that I really learned about myself during this year of quarantine and craziness is that I do like people. I always took myself to be an introvert, loner and homebody, but what I've learned is that I'm an ambivert. I love people, conversation, excitement, yet need the alone time to recharge and unwind. I'm hoping this blog can support us all and offer ideas to make life more charismatic!

Let's start right now.

I'm about to develop a diet plan for myself for the next week, then head to the grocery store. I'll post about it this week and detail the specifics so we can do this together. For today, I want you to get moving. Do some kind of physical activity that makes you sweat for 15 minutes. You can do this! I know you spend longer than 15 minutes scrolling through social media, take 15 minutes for YOU. When you've completed those 15 minutes, have some water, then find one small task you've been avoiding and DO IT. Maybe you've been avoiding that pile of laundry that needs to be folded, or need to clean off your bathroom sink. Use the "high" you have from boosting your endorphins from your workout to tackle that one item. In total, these things should take you 30 minutes. That's it for today. Smile and thank yourself for STARTING.
I'm proud of you.
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