Dream Drawings and a Palm Tree Perspective

4.18.18-vivienne-lux-dailycreate.jpgVivienne Lux DailyCreate, "They Were Right There All Along" ©2018.

During most of the year, I work outside on my drawings and paintings, before coming inside to work at the computer. I don’t know about you, but I wake up with thoughts and feelings of how the day will go, usually sparked by a dream. Even if I don’t remember the dream, I wake with a feeling, and maybe it’s not even associated with what I dreamt, but it’s different everyday. Those are what spark my “Lux DailyCreate” pieces.

This morning, I got up and went outside as usual and walked through the lawn that’s currently in transition from winter grass to summer grass—winter grass is seeded each fall, and produces a beautiful, velvet green, soft, lush lawn. It starts dying in spring as the summer grass automatically starts to grow, which is coarser, and hardier for the intense Arizona summer. I watered a few seedlings that my daughter planted a week ago.

I always look around the garden seeing what new flowers are in bloom, spotting hummingbirds zipping around and just taking in the glory of it all—the sun, the sky, the earth, the pool.

I grew up in Chicago and palm trees were these almost fictional, mythical entities. They symbolized everything that I thought was wonderful—sunshine, warmth, beach/pool and summertime freedom. I wanted to be away from the cold more than anything. I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 to go to CalArts, and ended up staying there for 10 years. I then relocated to Phoenix, where I still reside.

Though I’ve spent more than half my life on/near the west coast, and palm trees are nothing out of the ordinary, they still represent the same thing to me. Each day when I see them, I get the same excited feeling, “I’m on vacation!” Then I remember, “I live here!”

Today, as I was on my morning garden walk, searching for palm trees in the distance, I happened to be facing a different direction than I normally face,  looked up, and realized there are 2 large palms right next door, peacefully standing tall. I don’t know why I always forget about them when I’m looking for palms...probably because they aren’t in immediate sight, I have to walk out to the center of the yard to see them. But, they are always there. It was a great reminder that magic, and the things, we need are generally “always there,” but it may just require us to shift our perspective a bit to see it. 🌴🌴


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