LUXTOBER The Creative Challenge for the Rest of Us


Every year I get so excited to see the Drawlloween, Inktober, and various other drawing challenges that come across my social media feeds. I exclaim to myself, "This is the year!"and look over the list of prompts, start thinking about what I can create, and then I slowly start to lose my mojo. 

These challenges are so fun, motivating, and really get a big chunk of the art community engaged. I have wanted to participate, and have even started a few times, but the problem, for me, is that my art just doesn't fit. Not only do I have a hard time drawing something like "werewolf" with my abstract typography, but my work takes far too long to even attempt a daily challenge. I draw letters. I've tried writing out "werewolf" but it looked contrived. So, instead of pushing through the challenge, I give up, and become a bystander and fan. I watch all of the new creations come through everyday, and long to be a part of the excitement.

How is it possible that I'm in the arts and STILL don't fit in?

I know I'm not the only one who wants to participate, but their work just doesn't fit in. It's either too abstract, or simply a genre which just doesn't lend itself to a daily drawing challenge. So, this year, I created something for us. 


Instead of a daily word, I've created weekly prompts. I've offered ideas, a feeling associated with Halloween, for you to base your creation off of. What you do with that prompt is up to you. If you want to literally illustrate, please do so! If you create something abstract filled with the colors that the prompt made you feel, post it! If you're a stylist and put together an outfit that evokes the emotions of the prompt, that's perfect! This is all about your creative interpretation of the weekly phrase.


This challenge is open to ALL creatives. Painters, sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, fashion designers, stylists, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, animators, etc., etc, etc. If the prompt makes you feel something, and you'd like to create something visual/musical/expressive to showcase your feelings, then you belong!

From following the other challenges over the years, they seem very friendly and inclusive, and don't seem to mind cross-pollinating and sharing the love, so if you create something for Luxtober, don't be afraid to tag #drawlloween or #inktober too!


Each Friday, I'll select some of the submissions (as long as you tag #luxtober2018 so I can find you!) to showcase on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I will also be selecting one winner, each week, to receive my Wonderful, Witchy & Weird phone cases!


To be considered for a shoutout and a phone case you must:
- Follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram : @theviviennelux
- Hashtag your creation #luxtober2018

Please post by Friday night each week.

I can't wait to see what we come up with! To all my Artliers, here's to us, the "others."

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