Springtime in the Land of Lux

Hello Friends! There's so much going on, and so many new things I want to share with you.


If you follow @theviviennelux on Instagram, you already know that we've released a swimwear collection this week! There are 5, one-piece suits, and 2 bikinis available. Each suit is custom printed, cut & sewn in Los Angeles. This is a dream come true for me, as summer is my favorite time of the year, and also happens to be the time when my drawings really seem to flow. There's something "magical" (maybe it's delirium), about the intense summer heat of the desert that brings about a cathartic process to my work. I spend long hours outside drawing. The words flow smoothly from my mind to the paper, and the pencils, soft from the heat, melt onto the paper like butter. I've got a process of drawing until I'm burning up, then jumping in the pool for a quick swim, then out again for another drawing session. Repeat. I figure I'm releasing toxins too, right?

I live in swimwear during the summer months and have long dreamed about creating my own line. These suits are going to be my 24-7 this summer! The bikinis are reversible, and the tops are designed more like a sports bra than string bikini, offering more support for an active day. These suits are great in the water, or paired with a cute pair of cutoffs, or a skirt. I love these because they are unique and transition from pool/ocean to yoga, to a great festival or nighttime look, so effortlessly. I adore the fact that they are reversible and we could give more attention to the artwork, allowing you to experience the maximum amount of art, on the smallest amount of fabric.

The full-piece suits really allow the artwork to shine, given there is more area for the art to be seen. I love these because they are bright and colorful at the beach, but also make great bodysuits when paired with a pair of jeans, or skirt. The classic scoop front gives this a great tank top look, while the deep scoop in the back showcases your beautiful summer skin. Layer them under a sheer top, with a pair of jean shorts for a super cute look.

Both of these designs feature my artwork in as close to original form as we can print. As always, we don't "clean up" the artwork, as the idea is to create truly wearable art. You can clearly see the texture of the pencil drawings, smudges, and the intricate nuances of the handlettering.

The colors are bright, the fabric is chlorine resistant. Get yours now—Click to shop!

As you may also have seen, as per Instagram, I've been doing more painting. Painting has long eluded me. ('ll write about that process in tomorrow's blog post, as I'm going to be doing daily posts). But I've recently found a love for the freedom of painting, and the balance it brings to my drawing process. I'm painting each morning, and will offer these original studies to you through this website. Follow along on Instagram @theviviennelux to see when a new one is available, as I'm posting photos just as I complete them. Check out the gallery.

There's also been a lot of work on this website. We've switched over to a new platform, and are working to rebuild the site from the ground up. There were a lot of little things that I wasn't happy with on the old platform, and have learned so much since launching the site in October 2017, that I knew I would have to make a switch to a platform that better supported my business sooner or later. I've had to learn the ins-and-outs of the new platform, which varied quite a bit from the old one, but after using it for a bit I realize how much easier this will be in the long run.

Our team is growing, too! We now have a dedicated sales manager who is growing her staff so that we can get these products into more retail areas and gallery spaces asap. Is there a boutique that you love in your town? Let me know so we can reach out to them! I'll give you 10% off any purchase on this site for your help! Drop me a line thorough our Contact link.

If you are interested in retailing our product, showcasing the work in your gallery, or a member of the press, please use the Contact link to get in touch with us.

Welcome to Spring, everyone (I hear that it’s snowing in my hometown of Chicago...so to my family and friends, I hope Spring comes soon!)


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