First Annual LUXtober Weekly Creative Challenge Kicks off on October 1

Win a Limited Edition Vivienne Lux original phone case while creating Halloween-inspired art


PHOENIX, ARIZONA, (September 28, 2018)—Phoenix artist, Vivienne Lux, announces the first annual “LUXtober Creative Challenge” for the month of October.

Inspired by the annual October drawing challenges that are prevalent on social media, such as Drawlloween and Inktober, Lux created LUXtober as a platform for artists who’s work may not fit in with a daily drawing challenge, but still want to be part of the October Halloween artistic festivities.

“Halloween is always an exciting time and I’ve always loved the October daily drawing challenges that come across social media. I’ve attempted to join in, but my art just doesn’t lend itself to their parameters. I know there are others like me out there who want to participate, but their work just doesn’t fit, so I created something for us. We can participate in the October Halloween fun and not feel like we have to change our work in order to fit in.”

LUXtober features a weekly prompt, instead of daily, and is meant to be interrupted, not expressed literally. Lux offers, “The prompts are emotionally based. Read the prompt, feel it, then express those feelings in whatever your chosen medium is.”

LUXtober is open to all areas of art from illustrators & painters to musicians, dancers, and makeup artists, etc. “If you read the prompt and it moves you to create, then you’re meant to participate.” says Lux.

Each Saturday morning, a winner will be chosen to receive one of Vivienne Lux’s phone cases from her Limited Edition Halloween-inspired collection, “Wonderful, Witchy & Weird.” In order to qualify, you must:
1. Follow @theviviennelux on Instagram, or
2. Tag your image, by Friday evening, with #LUXtober and #LUXtober2018

Select artists’ work will be featured throughout the week on Vivienne Lux’s Instagram. LUXtober is open to all artists, globally.

For the weekly prompts, and more information about LUXtober, please visit

Vivienne Lux is a fine artist based in Phoenix, AZ. Her handcrafted, abstract typography designs are used to create the textiles for her fashion line and home goods. Her style merges the zest and vitality of Urban Art, with the elegance and vintage glamour of Art Nouveau. Her background as an Art Director/Graphic Designer, in the entertainment industry, is evident though the color palettes, typographical nuances and rhythmic motion visible in each piece. 

For more information:

Vivienne Lux
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