Inspired by the bewitching; passion and paradox. The rebels and the masters, the freedom, flow and fearlessness of street artists & sign painters, graphic designers, poets, journalers, thinkers, healers, the sensual & the strong, and the glamorous flourishes of Art Nouveau.

The enchanted cool spot of mist carried on a balmy summer night's breeze. The silence of snow. The enigma that is our minds and bodies in a state of flux, just as the ocean tide rises and falls, with no apologies for it's power. Rich color, rhythm & motion, and beauty beyond our earthy eyes.

Within the work, Vivienne Lux's Chicago-born, urban roots are evident, meshing with the vintage glamour of her time spent in Southern California, tied together by the exotic sensuality of the Caribbean, harkening back to her childhood summers spent in Puerto Rico. The work invites the viewer on a scavenger hunt, challenging them to find the words and meaning. It's a journey to follow the swirls, details, nuances and color to uncover the messages inscribed. These pieces are all meant for interaction, there is no "right side up." They beg you to stop, engage, and get lost in the rhythm. 

Vivienne Lux's work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States. She currently lives and works in Phoenix.


Every piece starts with a blank 12”x12” sheet of black paper and a bucket full of colored pencils. Most often times, the pieces are drawn on very hot, summer days, which makes the pencil pigment buttery soft, allowing it to glide across the paper very smoothly, laying down dense pigment. "The heat is cathartic. The specific idea that I sat down to draw out becomes amplified in the blazing sun. Energy that I intended the piece to convey takes on a life of it’s own as I become merely a conduit, and the words flow through me to the paper." 

Each piece is a journal, oftentimes taking months to years to complete. Each time she sits down to draw, a new entry is added, and the story vibrantly comes to life. "Everything you see is a word. I believe that is what makes this work different. I'm not only dealing with creating typography, color and design, I'm journaling, spilling raw emotion onto the paper. This process allows me to really understand what converting energy is all about."

Once a drawing is complete, it is sent to textile manufacturing to create the fabrics that will be used to create clothing, and home decor. One drawing can produce several different patterns, depending on how the artwork is mirrored.

During the textile manufacturing process, every precaution is taken to retain the original line quality of the drawing. No lines are cleaned up, or vectored. The texture is kept, along with every detail and smudge. "I take pride in retaining the original charisma of the artwork, making these pieces truly “wearable art.” After going to museums and experiencing masterworks that I've seen in books my entire life, I realized how much detail is lost when the piece is reproduced in publications, or on merchandise. I wanted my products to be as close to the original as I could get, so when someone sees the original, they feel that their piece is authentic, without too much lost in translation."

I believe that beauty is essential, and that artists can save the world.

These are my stories, illustrated.