2022 Energy Map Kit - Alive With Light

2022 Energy Map Kit - Alive With Light

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Set your intentions for the Year of the Tiger with this Energy Map kit to help you organize your wishes and manifest your desires for 2022! 

Based on the Feng Shui energy map called the Bagua, you'll build your vision board and set your intentions into action using specific colors and elements to channel the proper energy for every aspect of your life. 

You'll start with building visual cues (much like a vision or mood board), then channel your feelings associated with each of those successes. Your final step will be to detail out your specific intentions in a goal list. 

This Energy Map kit covers Wealth, Reputation, Romance, Family, Health, Children & Creativity, Inner Wisdom, Career, and Travel & Helpful People. It's a really great way to set your goals for every aspect of your life. 

Your PDF kit provides full instructions, tips, and advice for reaching your goals in 2022. It also provides information on boosting the positive and lessening the negative effects of the Flying Stars (the way the stars influence us, which changes each year).

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite tea and allow yourself some quiet time to think about what your true desires are for the upcoming year, then dive into building your Energy Map and making your wishes your reality! Allow yourself between 1-3 hours to complete this exercise, but take as long as you need, as long as you have it completed by February 3, 2022!

Pre-order now! Your kit will deliver to your inbox on January 1, 2022.

*INFORMATIONAL/ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY: I am not a doctor or Feng Shui Master. The materials and information on this website and in this Energy Map kit are intended for informational/entertainment purposes only.