LUX Signature Scent Roller Oil Perfume Fragrance

LUX Signature Scent Roller Oil Perfume Fragrance

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It's hard to describe a scent with words on a website, so I'm going to tell you the story of this fragrance.

Years ago, I worked as the packaging designer at an aromatherapy company in West Hollywood. This was long before essential oils were popular, so I had little knowledge of which oil did what, all I knew was that they smelled good.

For anyone who's familiar with Los Angeles, you understand the traffic, and what a nightmare it is. One morning, when I was driving to work, traffic was especially congested. It took me forever to get to the office, and even longer to find parking. By the time I got to my office, I was a stressed out mess. All of that melted away as soon as I walked in the door and the scent of the oils hit my nose. It was like magic. 

When essential oils became more readily available, I started buying them and diffusing them in my house and sharing their benefits with friends. All of the knowledge that I learned while working at the aromatherapy company was so beneficial and friends always commented on how relaxing my home was. 

One afternoon while I was randomly blending my oils to diffuse in my studio, the vision of that day in traffic in West Hollywood, and the scent of the office releasing all of my stress, hit me like a ton of bricks! I had long forgotten that day, but olfactory memory is amazing and I had recreated the scent without even trying. I quickly wrote down exactly what I had used and duplicated it into a roller oil that I would carry in my purse. 

Whenever I wear this oil, I get tons of questions about it. "What scent is that?" "That's such a beautiful scent!" "That smells so relaxing!" "That smells like a spa!" "Where can I get that?" I've even had delivery men ask me what smells so good when I diffuse this blend in my studio. One gentlemen came right up to the door and said, "What IS that!? It smells so good in there!"

This has become my signature scent. It's a relaxing blend of rosemary, lavender, vetiver, orange and ylang ylang in a coconut oil base.

Carry this happy little roller of relaxation with you for a whiff of zen whenever you need a moment to just breathe and escape the stressors of the day. Take a little spa retreat and let the tension blissfully melt away.